Successfully internationalising B2B businesses: important facts 

How you will be successful in new markets abroad
Just 21 percent of medium-sized companies are engaged in international business. This comparatively small number provides enterprises with a great opportunity to venture into international commerce and boost their growth potential. This whitepaper will give you insights into the key elements of success.

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7 concrete tips for conquering international markets
This Whitepaper highlights the status quo of small to medium-sized business internationalisation while defining the companies for which an expansion into foreign markets actually makes sense. Using 7 specific tips, we will look at the challenges companies have to anticipate when conquering international markets and how they can be mastered. The best practice model implemented by a medium-sized company that now generates more than 85 percent of its sales abroad completes the Whitepaper.

Content of the whitepaper:

  1. Foreword
  2. Studies: internationalisation of SMEs is stagnating
  3. For which companies is internationalisation a good choice? 
  4.  7 concrete tips for conquering international markets
  5. Best Practice: Medium-sized Kärcher was able to increase sales and awareness
  6. Conclusion

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