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Boosting brand awareness 

How to increase the awareness of your brand

Marketing measures can contribute to achieving various company objectives. But nearly all activities have one thing in common: they aim to improve the company’s image and contribute to the awareness of the company and its brand. How this can be accomplished is explained in this free-of-charge white paper.

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Concrete measures and real-life stories of success

This white paper gives you details about why brand awareness is so important, especially in the B2B segment, and which measures companies can leverage to boost their brand awareness. What’s more, you gain an insight into three success stories from well-known B2B companies.


The white paper content at a glance:

  1. A well-known brand serves as an anchor
  2. The three categories of brand awareness
  3. Trust and perceived security – why high brand awareness is so important in B2B
  4. The most important measures for boosting brand awareness
  5. How the boost in brand awareness can be measured
  6. Examples of success: how B2B companies have boosted their brand awareness
  7. Conclusion


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